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  • The fight against malaria being one of the priorities of the Cameroon government for the next five years, we continue concurrently our awareness campaigns on aids and health hazards.
  • Investigation on a global project of water management with ATPC (Assainissement Total Piloté par la Communauté).
  • Request technical support from Electriciens Sans Frontière to help us with a project of water conveyance to the CSI from a water pump installed in the vicinity.
  • Continuation of the redevelopment and building of native wells in the community (11 wells are planned).
  • Request to the Cameroon Health Department for the appointment of a doctor at Lokoti and the change of the Centre de Santé Intégré into a Centre Médical Avancé, made by the chief of district and the Lamido. In relation with this project, a grant application is being made to the Fond Social de Développement at the french embassy in Cameroon:
    • fitting of an operations room in the CSI
    • building the housing for:
      • the doctor and his family
      • the visiting members of the association and the volunteers
  • Start of the project for the building and redevelopment of wells in Lokoti; 3 have been completed - november 2011.
  • Water drums with taps have been setup at the entrance and inside the CSI for the washing of hands. Health education.
  • Installation of a voltage regulator in the CSI to protect against voltage peeks on the network.
  • Purchase of 240 mosquito nets and a supply of condoms. Awareness campaigns through the bulletin boards in the CSI, in the the schools and through documentaries and short films - 2011.
  • Purchase of a projector used for awareness sessions to the local population (aids, malaria, health hazards) and used for the training courses of the medical staff of the district. Purchase of a scanner to complete the computer hardware at the CSI.
  • Purchase of 200 mosquito nets for a new prevention action against malaria that took place in september 2010 at the Centre de Santé de Lokoti with the members of the Cameroon association and a member of the Peace Corps.
  • Survey in april and may 2010 on the drinking water resources in Lokoti by Marie-Paule Cruells, our volunteer. Following this survey, building of new native wells in the poorest areas of Lokoti is under active consideration.
  • Installation of a modem and an antenna in the Centre de Santé in order to improve Internet connections.
  • Lokoti, un village au Cameroun exhibition at la Maison du Patrimoine in Mauléon in may 2010.
  • Transport of medical supplies to Lokoti by sea. The container contains an ambulance, bedding, medical and computer equipment. The container left Mauléon Soule on a truck to Port Vendre where it was loaded on a ship whose destination was Douala. The contents of the container arrived in Lokoti in february 2010.
  • Preparation of the house to provide accommodations for the visiting members of the association and the volunteer.
  • Recruitment of a volunteer in charge of participating with the setting up of new campaigns of prevention, and of programming training courses in the province of Meiganga - 2010.
  • Connection of the medical center to the public electricity power grid - 2009.
  • Delivery of impregnated mosquito nets (donation by the french association) at the new medical center in Lokoti - 2008.
  • A drinking water fountain has been built by people from Lokoti - 2007.
  • Donation of a microscope - 2007.

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