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 The Lokoti clinic team LES CHEMINS DE LOKOTI is a humanitarian aid association created to help improve health care in the community of Lokoti in Cameroon. The association is named AFLCL (for “Association Française Les Chemins de Lokoti”).

AFLCL works in partnership with its peer association in Cameroon, created by the local community of Lokoti.
AFLCL works with the medical center of Lokoti and the local health care administrators.
Our partners are the Ministère de la Santé camerounaise, the UN Refugee Agency and Première Urgence.


 Lokoti About Lokoti

Lokoti is a village located in the Adamaoua province in the central part of Cameroon.
The capital city is N’Gaoundéré.
The Lokoti population is about 5000 people, 15000 people when including the surroundings.


 The well Goals

To help a small african community in the health care domain.


 Delivery of mosquito nets  Waiting at the medical center Action plan

  • Send medical supplies to the cameroonian association according to their needs.
  • Supply missing drugs through the cameroonian Central Purchasing Department.
  • Help in the implementation of prevention activities on sexually transmitted diseases (VD), AIDS, endemic infectious diseases.
  • Conduct healing, preventive assignments.
  • Help in training courses in collaboration with staff working in the field.

How to make a donation

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