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Les chemins de Lokoti is a 1901 french law voluntary association.

The association works in cooperation with its peer association in Cameroon. Their goal is to participate in the improvement of health care in the community of Lokoti.

Steering committee

President Christian de Gaye (doctor)
Christian de Gaye
Vice-President Christian Lahargoue (pharmacist)
Scecretary Catherine de Gaye (occupational therapist)
Treasurer Max Dalier (pharmacist)
Member Jean-Philippe Arabeyre (artist, ambulance driver)
Member Chantal Giletta
Member Alice de Gaye (horticulturist)

The steering committee (from left to right and top to bottom):
Christian de Gaye, Christian Lahargoue, Alice de Gaye, Max Dalier.
Chantal Giletta, Jean Philippe Arabeyre, Catherine de Gaye.

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